In order to begin working in the independent performing arts, knowledge transfer, further training and professionalisation are indispensable. One of the BFDK’s core tasks is to share relevant knowledge – as widely and accessibly as possible.

The BFDK collects, manages and shares knowledge that helps those working in the independent performing arts to develop their careers and empower themselves. The wide range of related topics includes the following: 

  • Career entry, training options and professional areas
  • Legal matters (e.g. contractual law and tax law)
  • Social security (e.g. getting into the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK; artists’ social security fund)) and security in the case of illness, care work, old age, accidents, gaps in income)
  • Acquisition and press and public relations work
  • Remuneration and payment rates, value of your own work
  • Funding options (e.g. conditions, making applications and accounting)
  • Accessibility and discrimination (e.g. accessible events and non-discriminatory communication)
  • Networks and cooperation

The knowledge transfer takes place in various projects, for example ON THE ROAD, Background, Performing Exchange (PEX), at the BFDK Federal Forum or Federal Congress and at workshops on specific topics. Hybrid formats and multimedia documentation make this knowledge more accessible across regions. The platform “Campus Freie Darstellende Künste” (Independent Performing Arts Campus) provides information on legal questions in language that is easy to understand.    

Current projects on knowledge transfer


collects, pools and shares knowledge on aspects of the law that are important for those working in the independent performing arts.

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