The BFDK represents the interests of all stakeholders in the independent performing arts and therefore seeks to address diversity: it strives to dismantle the discrimination that exists in society and therefore also in the performing arts.

The independent performing arts are embedded in social structures that are marked by discrimination. According to the Berlin State Anti-Discrimination Law, this includes racism, sexism, ableism/discrimination of the disabled, classism, antisemitism and queerphobia. For the BFDK, this means it is its duty to examine whether it excludes or discriminates against certain groups and if necessary to take action against this. Groups of people previously not represented or barely represented, or not visible in the BDFK, are approached and actively involved.

This requires studies and training on how inaccessibility and exclusion are created and have an effect in the independent performing arts. As an employer, how sensitive is the BFDK to discrimination? Who do its public relations work, services and knowledge transfer reach – who do they not reach? Are there groups of people who cannot or do not want to participate due to discrimination or inaccessibility? How aware of discrimination is the arts environment and its events, for example, is there a code of conduct? Based on these questions, the BFDK continues to examine its way of working in all areas, changes it accordingly and trains its staff.

The BFDK strives to design its services with as little discrimination and as much accessibility as possible: from planning events and projects to public relations work, as well as working processes and conditions as an association.

The BFDK offices have been made as accessible as possible. Content on the website is also provided in simple language and in English. We are planning team awareness seminars on diversity.