The BFDK’S executive committee is elected every two years by the assembly of delegates and represents the association externally. Their work is voluntary and they meet regularly to discuss issues relevant to the association and its members.

The BFDK’s voluntary executive committee works in partnership with the full-time management team and sees itself as a driving force and steering body for the entire organisation. Since 2021, it has consisted of five members with equal rights. They are jointly responsible for overarching strategic goals and bear the legal responsibility for the association.

In a rotating system, two executive committee members take the role of “representing committee members”. In this period they function as a link to the management’s operational work and take on a more public role. Furthermore, all executive committee members are responsible for specific thematic areas, which they work on in sub-committees and working groups, feeding ideas, information and knowledge back into the association and public discourse on cultural policy.

Portraitbild Nina de la Chevallerie, Vorstand BFDK

Nina de la Chevallerie

Landesverband Freier Theater Niedersachsen

Portraitbild Anne-Cathrin Lessel, Vorstand BFDK

Anne-Cathrin Lessel

Landesverband der Freien Theater in Sachsen

Portraitbild Matthias Schulze-Krafft, Vorstand BFDK

Matthias Schulze-Kraft

Dachverband freie darstellende Künste Hamburg

Portraitbild Ulrike Seybold, Vorstand BFDK

Ulrike Seybold

NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste

Portraitbild Tom Wolter, Vorstand BFDK

Tom Wolter

Landeszentrum Freie Theater Sachsen-Anhalt (LanZe)