Improving working conditions and social security for stakeholders in the independent performing arts is one of the fundamental pillars of the BFDK’s mission. Because various studies show that the social situation of those working in the performing arts is very precarious.    

In order to improve the social security of self-employed workers in the performing arts, the BFDK pursues the following secondary goals:

  • a fair, adequate and living wage;
  • robust social security in cases of care work, illness, accidents, lack of jobs, old age and occupational incapacity;
  • diversity-sensitive and non-discriminatory funding structures that are appropriate to the working conditions and needs in the independent performing arts.

One of the BFDK’s significant successes was the introduction of minimum payment rates across Germany in 2015. Another milestone is the project Systemcheck, which began in 2021: this research and networking project gathers knowledge on the social conditions of self-employed and hybrid workers in the independent performing arts and works on recommendations for action for politics. Reports on specific topics and events on social security and working conditions also provide information.    

Current projects on social conditions