Differentiating between different funding structures and adapting them to current needs so that stakeholders in the independent performing arts are sustainably socially secured is one of the main objectives of the BFDK.

On the one hand stakeholders in the independent performing arts are dependent on public funding (on a local, state and federal level), on the other hand they create their own funding structures. Since its foundation, the BFDK has worked intensively on the issue of sustainable and practice-orientated funding. As a consequence of studies  and events on this, new alliances have been formed in recent years, where these debates can be continued dynamically and proactively.  

During the first Federal Forum in 2017, a new platform was established in the nationwide funding scene: the “Bündnis für die frei produzierenden Darstellenden Künste” (Alliance for the Independently Producing Performing Arts). Also in 2017, the BFDK hosted a series of talks called “Was wir wollen – Bundesförderung im Praxischeck (What We Want – Federal Funding in Practice). During these talks, stakeholders from the independent performing arts were asked about their experiences of the existing federal funding system and suggestions for how it could work better. In 2021, the Federal Forum focussed on the question “Was braucht die Kunst in und nach der Krise?” (What Do the Arts Need During and After the Crisis?). 

The Corona pandemic led to a closer dialogue between representatives from the arts, politics and administrations – and to considerable learning curves for all involved. We need to build on this so that self-employed workers in the performing arts can get through future crises with resilience. The 2021 Federal Forum delivered ideas, proposed solutions and outlined future scenarios to achieve this.  

The BFDK continually seeks dialogue with funders and representatives in politics and administrations. One important building block is the discussion group “Performing Arts in den Metropolen” (Performing Arts in Metropolitan Areas). Organised by the BFDK, staff from the departments of culture in fourteen large European cities discuss funding in the independent performing arts. Funding approaches discussed by the BFDK itself are for example long-term funding over several years, artist funding, process funding and tools (e.g. grants) that were developed during the Corona pandemic.