The BFDK enables, supports, connects and strengthens independent performing arts projects in rural areas. In this way it contributes to ensuring basic cultural services are provided in these areas.   

The independent performing arts are often seen as a primarily urban phenomenon. However, they are present and active in regions all over Germany, including in places outside the metropolitan areas and in rural areas. In rural areas, they deliver a substantial part of basic cultural services and develop and offer high-quality and tailor-made culture.   

In order to keep these activities alive, the BFDK strengthens stakeholders in the independent performing arts outside metropolitan areas: it encourages dialogue between the stakeholders themselves and between urban and rural areas, generates more attention from social and cultural policy for rural areas and initiates and supports transregional projects.

The BFDK has worked on and is working on various temporary projects for the independent performing arts in rural areas. In 2016 the working group “Räume und Regionen” (Areas and Regions) was also established. Its aims are: to help stakeholders from rural areas gain more visibility and recognition; to make their voices heard more; to facilitate their access to state and federal funding. This resulted in the project “Das mobile Kulturamt” (The Mobile Department of Culture), organised by the Geheime Dramaturgische Gesellschaft (Secret Dramaturgical Society). The project brought those responsible for cultural policy at municipal and district levels together with artists. Within this framework, both sides discussed the local situations, the expectations they had of each other, options for support and how they can organise culture in each region together.    

The BFDK seeks to support regional cultural policy with new, model formats that help to create networks and increase the significance of stakeholders in rural areas for cultural policy. These can be regional festivals or other activities that raise public awareness or promote networking.