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Unser Team

Gruppenbild der Geschäftsstelle des BFDK

Die Mitarbeiter*innen der Geschäftsstelle des BFDK.

Contact details

Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste e.V.
Dudenstraße 10
10965 Berlin

Phone +49 (0)30. 51 56 52 5 40
Fax +49 (0)30. 51 56 52 5 56

Email @email
Web www.darstellende-kuenste.de


Our offices are located in Dudenstraße 10 in Berlin-Kreuzberg, on the second floor of the side-wing of the building, entrance A. If you require assistance due to mobility restrictions or any other visible or non-visible disabilities, please contact the office. We’ll try to find a solution for you. 

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Portraitbild von Helge-Björn Meyer, Geschäftsführung BFDK

Head of Politics and Committees

Helge-Björn Meyer

Portraitbild Anna Steinkamp, Geschäftsführung BFDK

Head of Projects and Events

Anna Steinkamp

Portraitbild Yara Castanheira

Staff member Projects and Events

Yara Schöler Castanheira

Portraitbild von Sandra Soltau, Geschäftsführung BFDK

Head of Finances, Organisation, Human Resources

Dr. Sandra Soltau

Portraitbild Cordelia Krause

Staff member Finances, Organisation, Human Resources
Cordelia Krause

Office management

Portraitbild Lena Kron

Lena Kron

Press and public relations

Portraitbild Silke Eckert

Silke Eckert

Committee department

Portrait von Elisabeth Klug

Elisabeth Klug

Study Social Situation

Portraitbild Cilgia Gadola

Project management
Cilgia Gadola

tanz + theater machen stark

Portraitbild Eckhard Mittelstädt

Project management
Eckhard Mittelstädt

Porträt von Stefanie Deutschmann

Project staff
Stefanie Deutschmann

Portraitbild Sonja Linke

Project staff
Sonja Linke

Verbindungen fördern

Portraitbild von Lars Hecker

Project management
Lars Hecker

Portraitbild Yara Castanheira

Project staff
Yara Castanheira

Student employee
Greta Ernst