EAIPA: Recommendations regarding the EU Creative Europe successor programme

The EU is currently discussing the successor programme to the original 'Creative Europe' programme. The EU also recently announced a budget raise for Culture. These are great news and we hope this will help those working in the culture sector expand projects and further develop activities. Considering our extensive experience with EU Culture Programmes for the past 20 years, the partners of the STRONGER TOGETHER initiative hereby want to be of assistance to the ongoing discussion by informing you of the established main facts and substantiated comments gathered from the independent performing arts sector. We are certain these will not only be helpful but essential for the implementation of a good and effective Culture programme – a programme which will inevitably represent all professionals working in the cultural sector and will give an account of current and future challenges for the arts and cultural activities within our European society.

The independent performing arts community includes all professional freelance theatre makers, artists, ensembles, independent institutions and structures working in the genres of dance, theatre, performance, music theatre, children’s and youth theatre as well as all interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary artistic work. STRONGER TOGETHER is a constantly growing network of national umbrella organizations and representation structures for all these independent performing artists and institutions. Established in 2016, we represent the interests of professional independent performing artists in Europe, share administrative expertise and create artistic synergies.

STRONGER TOGETHER's agenda includes a copious and regular exchange of knowledge and data about living and working situations of artists, specific projects and best practice models. Presently, the association's members agree on joint cultural policy goals with the intent to create a common and comparable structural network for the independent performing arts across Europe. Additionally, the network is in the process of founding a European Association for Independent Performing Arts as of June 2018.

All our partners present this letter of recommendations to their respective national EU representatives. We have organized our recommendations in 2 parts: The first part includes general facts regarding a successful Creative Europe Programme while the second part includes more practical issues concerned with development and organisation of projects.