Langham Court Theatre Presents: The Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Competition

The Challenge of Risk Theatre is to write a new 90-120 minute play based on the risk theatre model of tragedy which speaks to contemporary audiences. The Rewards of Risk Theatre: Cash prizes of $9000 for the winner and four $525 prizes for the runners-up (total $11,100). The winning playwright will receive a travel stipend of up to $1020 to help offset the costs of travelling to Victoria for a professionally led workshop culminating in a staged reading before an audience including invited British Columbia theatre producers at Langham Court Theatre. At the discretion of Langham Court Theatre, the play could be fully produced during the following season as a special event. The Price of Risk Theatre: Each entry $49.*

Electronic submissions only will be accepted until 9PM, June 1, 2020 Pacific Standard Time (PST). The winners will be announced on the Competition website on August 16, 2020. The workshop will take place on mutually agreeable dates coordinated between Langham Court Theatre and the winner.

Jurors Sought for the 2nd Annual Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Competition: Langham Court Theatre is seeking experienced English-speaking theatre professionals, critics, play directors, and academics with ties to the playwriting community to serve on an internationally representative jury panel for the 2020 competition. All interested should acquaint themselves with the Risk Theatre model, then contact Michael Armstrong at Please include a CV and cover letter stating why you are interested in the risk theatre model of tragedy. Adjudication will take place from June to mid-August 2020. Potential jurors will be contacted in March 2020.

For information on the Risk Theatre model, click here.